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The Robinson House Franka is located on the southwest side of the island of Pašman in Croatia. It is located directly on the sea pier (boat dock)  and is protected by pine trees from the sun. Ideally the house can be used by 4-5 people. Recreation is guaranteed here!

The island of Pašman can be easily reached by ferry from Biograd. The ferry ride to Tkon takes only 15 minutes. In Tkon you can find many good restaurants, a large supermarket, post office, pharmacy, ambulance and a ATM. With car from Tkon is small road and you park your car about 200m in front of the house.  Or owner of the house can drive you with its boat  directly to the  dock in front of the house.

On the ground floor are kitchen, living room and bathroom. There are five beds in the attic. There is  the beautiful terrace with seaview  in front of the house and there is a covered barbecue.

Electricity in the house you get from solar panels on the roof, stored in batteries and converted to 220V via inverter, so that there is always enough electricity for the light, chargers for mobile phones, iPads, etc. Fresh water is extracted from rainwater and comes from a cistern. The stove and refrigerator are operated by gas.

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  • 1 bedroom
  • Balcony with sea view
  • Barbecue
  • Ground floor
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Outdoor shower
  • Private beach
  • Refrigerator with freezer
  • Separate entrance
  • Toilet


PašmanPašman. The island without frontiers. The island of joy and happiness, of little people with big hearts. Pasman overwhelms and enters the pores of our innermost being. It is like a small link that will always miss you, if you let it to overwhelm you. The island loves you as much as you love it;

Culture and history info

Long time ago, in the deep past, the island of Pašman, in the necklace of islands, islets and rocks of Zadar archipelago, was settled. It shared with them throughout the ages, all the privileges and difficulties that carry the sea, the wind and the sun - parents who provide to every islander pure love and inspiration of life in exchange for eternal loyalty and respect. At any moment in history, the lives of people on the island of Pašman has been "bread with seven corps" since very ancient prehistoric times, through the old Liburns, Romans and Croats until nowadays. The name of the island has changed throughout history. The earliest mentions date back to the 10th and 11th century. The version of the name in Croatian form, that we use today, was first mentioned in the 14th century, and from the 15th century, the name Pašman becomes permanent. Despite the very late first documented mention, the island of Pašman carries evidence of human presence since the early prehistoric times, when Pašman was not even an island. Today’s landscape of the island began to form about 12,000 years ago in the Middle Stone Age. Pašman enters into the new era as a part of the Roman Empire. Before the Roman period, the island and its inhabitants were an integral part of Liburian cultural group. When the Romans conquered Jadasine (Liburnian community on Zadar area) in the 1st century BC, Pašman Jadasini also came under their governance. The island then, along with the neighboring island of Ugljan, became an integral part of ager that belonged to the Roman city Iadera (today's Zadar). In the Middle Ages, times were anything but calm. Pašman, along with Dalmatia lived through political changes. In the narrow time strait, the Byzantine, Croatian, Croatian-Hungarian and Venetian governance have interchanged. The island finally sailed in calmer waters in the new century under the auspices of the Venetian Republic, whose galleys were rarely given the strongest sailors. After the global turbulencies in Europe during the Napoleonic Wars, the island has found a new peace in the Habsburg monarchy until the First World War.

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